Saturday, December 7, 2013

Before and After

Weaving it together, adding small pieces
I've always been drawn to make-overs, and viewing the *before* and *after.* Guess I'm always hoping to see something I can do to completely revolutionize the way I look. Best not to hope for that though. Could go badly.

This before and after stems from an experiment dyeing with pomegranate peel. It's not a pure process with me. First I used an aluminum pot, the only one I have right now dedicated to such experiments. Then I added some rusty nails and other rusted bits. Still, I was surprised by the colors that emerged.

Jude calls these additions the *saddening* of the color. These are certainly not bright cheerful colors. Made me a little sad. So I added some bright pieces to the weaving. Still working on the stitching.

Here are the Before and After pictures, in case you too like that sort of thing:

More cotton


Silk noil, herringbone tweed

Silk dupioni, over-dyed


  1. As a weaver let me offer that while not all colors are bright or we even like, those colors can be the foundation for many other colors and weave structures. I think your piece of weaving looks wonderful. Reminds me of burgees!

  2. Martha, I so admire your versatility and talent!