Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Grand Sewing

Last-minute, still a pleasure though, these are pieces made for my Grands. Luckily we don't celebrate until the 27th so I still have a little time.

Four pair of leggings were made out of cotton jersey - two for grandgirls, two for dolls. Actually the versions for the dolls are not true leggings. My first attempt were more like clam diggers. The second attempt produced slim cut pants, but still not true leggings. Finally I decided that true leggings would be hard for little hands to manipulate, even if I could really make something useful that tiny.

I know about people who make Barbie doll clothes. I admire that. So gorgeous, Sharon!

At one time, many years ago, I made Barbie doll clothes for my own dolls. American Girl doll clothes are sufficiently fussy for me today.

The leggings for real girls are made from an old Ottobre pattern. I make clothing for the grands based on their recorded heights. It works out mostly fine. I did complete the elastic waists in the old-fashioned style so that it will be easy to adjust once the grandgirls are here and can try these on.

The T-shirts are also from the old Ottobre patterns, based on the heights. Because these pieces are all made from knits, fit can be a little off and still be fine. And I've got my fingers firmly crossed.

Next up, kimonos for two grandgirls and two AG dolls.


  1. Won't you be the most loved Gran when your little Grands pop these on ~ very clever sewing! Enjoy Christmas ... J

  2. From one grandmother to another: very nice! Anne