Saturday, December 28, 2013

Grand Kimonos

And on the third day of Christmas...
finished these sometime during the 11th hour.

The first one is unlined, constructed with quilt cottons. I used a kimono pattern from one of my old Ottobre magazines. Here it is almost finished.
It is for my tallish 4YO grand. Here it is finished with the cotton knit tee and leggings I blogged about previously..

Next up is the one for my 7YO grand. Hers is lined with a horse-themed linen dish towel. It got lined primarily so that I could incorporate that dish towel. In fact, it's reversible which is easy to do with the cross-over ties. Lining is much more fun to make than facing. I should have realized that.
Face fabric is quilt cotton with carousel horses and letters.

Lining with horse markings (she already knew them, as it happens)

And then of course kimonos for the dolls:

And this makes my heart sing.


  1. OMG, as a young girl I would have loved that horse themed kimono.Oh heck, I love it now and if I thought it might fit, I might try to steal it. ;) Love both the prints but where ever did you get that dish towel? What lucky little grands!

  2. I love your fabric combinations!

  3. I love kimono personally but you've taken it to a whole new area - cute!