Monday, June 15, 2015

A Wing and a Prayer

Two years ago I purchased a panel of fabric containing one of Diane Ericson's paintings, titled *A Wing and a Prayer.* I displayed it raggedly in my sewing room.

Then I decided it should be incorporated into a jacket, a Tabula Rasa jacket designed by Fit For Art.

The panel piece from Diane is a medium-to-heavy weight cotton, very much like denim, and it washed softly. The piece was just barely large enough for the front and back pieces of the jacket pattern. I love the combination of colors, as well as their proportions and shading that Diane used. And the bird is lovely, I think.

I'm really pleased with the way the bird sits across the shoulders.

Changes I made to the pattern: I had to shorten it because of the size of Diane's panel. The original Tabula Rasa jacket pattern has a kimono-type collar band running down the front and around the neck. I changed that to a round neckline, adding a stand-up collar. I more-or-less kept the front bands, adapting it to my scarce fabric. I added an angular pocket, based on the shape of one remnant from the painted panel

You can just barely see *and a Wing and a Prayer* above Diane's signature.
The gray is a medium-weight linen and the flat piping is light-weight navy denim. It is lined with white China silk under the cream colored pieces and gray rayon Ambiance under the gray portions. The pants are entirely lined with the gray rayon Ambiance. 

So I don't need a lined jacket and pants, a suit of sorts. But it was fun to make. And it will work with a lot of other things in my closet - a white, cream or navy shell, navy pants, and many future pieces.


  1. This looks really handled it "creative-ly"!

  2. Artful way to showcase a lovely fabric.

  3. How wonderful! Beautiful use of the fabric.

  4. oh, my...a wonderful piece and what a lovely use of Diane's work. This is very cool.

  5. You've honored Diane's work in such a brilliant and thoughtful way. Lovely piece of art clothing!

  6. So pretty. I love the bird on the back...kind of magical.