Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Warming Up

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been sewing, but it's been different. Some travel to visit the grands. Two weeks of sewing camp - one for teen girls in a temporary home and one for the youth at my church. And now I'm catching up on my beloved sleep.

This is a warm-up exercise. The shirt is a very old cotton-linen blend ordered from Lands End back when they were just a catalog outfit somewhere in Maine.

When I took the indigo class with Roland Ricketts, I gave it a few dips with some resist paste. Kind of cool, but one sleeve was torn and punctured, probably from back when I gardened.

So I removed the offending sleeve and used it as a pattern for a new sleeve. The new sleeve is a cotton batik. I pulled out The Blouse Perfected from Louise Cutting to create a tower sleeve placket and for a couple of pockets. I also shortened it by about 5 inches. It may need new buttons next.

It was a fun warm-up. Now I'm ready for some summer tops and pants.

So what are you up to? Summer sewing? Other fun projects?


  1. Nice save for an old beloved shirt! Hand-dipped indigo is too special to throw away.

  2. Very nice "warm-up"! I love batiks and I'm glad you used some as a sleeve. Several years ago I bought several small cuts of batiks because they were pretty. I've often wondered what I was thinking. Oh, but as sleeves , pockets or trim on some summer tops, shorts and skirts...that would be cute and fun, so thank you!!!
    I made 2 summer maxi skirts and am finishing a 3rd.