Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eureka! Pants That Fit

Yes. They. Do.

I've made two now and I'm convinced these are great fitting pants. The Eureka Pattern envelope contains pants to trace based on your dimensions and one of three butt shapes. I was lucky to have Rae Cumbie fit me at the Atlanta Expo, so she selected the size and the appropriate butt shape. And she pinned until they were right and made notes on further changes. There was no guesswork for me. I made the mods she prescribed, changing only the length. They are just right. I think.

I fussed and fumed over the white pants. They are not slimming. I ended up taking them in and shortening them. But they were probably fine before that. The fabric is a soft denim, easy to sew and comfy to wear. I finished the waistline with a narrow, straight-of-grain binding.

Next I made a pair from this yummy cross-dyed linen from The Sewing Workshop. I just love this version of green.

I chose to add a facing to these. I added the facings before seaming the side seams. This gave me an easier way to adjust the width. As it happens, there were just right the first time! Now, that's a great fitting pair of pants.

Look how pretty that green is!
The pattern describes many variations in waist finish, as well as placement of the zipper. I am quite fond of a conventional lapped seam in the center back and so used that for both pair. I can see using a fly front for some future pants.

It can be such a challenge to fit. I find that this is especially true when you keep hoping you will look much slimmer than you actually are. I'd rather make a fantastically slenderizing pair of pants than eat less. I'd rather try one pattern after another before giving up sweets. Am I in denial? Maybe I have body image issues? Yes and yes.

On the other hand, I recently watched an inspiring documentary called Embrace. I recommend it (here is the trailer). We all know that the culture tells us we are not enough. And we all know that is false. So why do so many women hate their bodies? I'm working on this. That's why I put the picture of my backside first. I can do this, yes, I can!


  1. your pants came out great! I know how you feel, because I'm on the verge of finishing a pair of pants myself. I used a Style Arc pattern - LOLA WOVEN PANT (with some adjustments. I find woven pants harder to fit than some from a stretchy fabric, but cooler for summer. They're not "perfect", but i think I will be wearing them.

  2. The white look much better after your alteration and the green are very flattering - front and back! You look lovely in both!

  3. Nice pants! it must have been wonderful to participate in the expo. Body image - I'm beginning to think it's simply part of being a primate...

  4. They all look very nice and comfy too! What a great relief to have a pattern than works!

  5. Your pants look great, Martha, and even better that they feel good on. We are always happy to hear the pattern and fitting worked so well for you. Thanks for the report!

  6. In the cookbook/storybook Square Meals, author Jane Stern quotes an anonymous writer of a 1930s-40s cookery book: "Happiness is even more youth-inducing than slimness."

    So, when my physician chides me to lose weight, saying, "When your daughter gets married, you'll work hard to lose weight. Why not do the work now? Women always work hard to fit into the mother-of-the-bride dress." I laugh and tell him, "No, I'll just sew a bigger dress."

    1. Love your attitude. And I really like that quote. Thanks!

  7. Love how your pants look and that green linen is strikingly gorgeous. Having some recent body image thoughts so thanks for the inspiration...I will just go let out the seams aunthood new dress en enjoy it rather than wait to lose five pounds.