Monday, July 25, 2011

Batik Butik Spice 'n Style

This is my first foray into Batik Butik, a new-to-me pattern company. And while working on today's blog, I went back to their website only to see that they are closed! I am always disappointed when a sewing entrepreneur closes shop.

While at Waechter's in Asheville SC, I admired a top worn by one of the sales people. She of course showed me the pattern which was a bit of a surprise. I would have never tried it out. Even though I (almost always) look at the technical drawings, I am often swayed by the drawing or photo on the cover. And this one is a dud.

The salesperson had simply omitted the long sleeves and made a summer top. I'm always interested in quick summer tops at this time of year so I decided to give this one a try. The result is an easy top that I may wear a lot. I am not crazy about the sleeves. They may need to be shortened. They are at that approximately frumpy length.

I decided to incorporate a piece from my dyeing experiment a few weeks ago. With only a fat quarter, I was able to use it in the front band, on the sleeve binding, and on the hem binding for the back of the top. Hem binding was needed for the back hem only as it is a curve. The instructions are to turn the back hem under 1/4" and press. Then turn it under again 1". The last part creates folds that are even illustrated in the instructions. I knew I would not be happy with that, so I cut off the hem, adding this contrasting bias strip instead.
Now I just need to go to Gail K for the perfect buttons.


  1. The Batik Butik lady used to import the best quality of rayon batiks that were available. It's a loss.

    Your top looks cool and summery!

  2. Hi there, This is really a pretty top. I have a construction question for you, as I'm trying to work with this same pattern, sans the instruction sheet. Multiple moves in and out of the house by our sons and their families have apparently lost that all important info in the process. You could contact me through Thanks.