Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pressing Matters

Ironing board covers can be fun. Really. Seriously.

I just bought two today at T J Maxx, thanks to seeing a cool one at Camp Sew 'N' Sew. Thanks, Polly!

As any sewer knows, you end up spending at least as much time at the ironing board as you do at the machine. And my covers have always been boring, then later, after I stain/scorch them, they are ugly. This one is so much more fun.

I'm still struggling with my gravity-feed iron. I loved it at first. That big shot of steam is wonderful! But soon after, I developed a problem with my elbow, so I went back to my standard iron (on the left). After six months, I'm finally back to normal, but I still want to use that gravity-feed thing (on the right).

It's looks so small and innocent. But it is heavy enough to do some damage, I'm afraid.

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