Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Letter to Myself

Today is my 62nd birthday and so I am writing a letter to myself. It is a good day to reflect on stitching. Some fifty-odd years of it.

Perhaps I have learned a few lessons from sewing and while sewing. I hope that I will continue to receive new sewing lessons.

Rule 1. Measure twice or even thrice because you may cut only once.

Becoming, 2012, detail
Rule 2. If you forget rule 1, remember that it is now a puzzle with smaller, more numerous pieces. It is still a puzzle.

Rule 3. You will rip what you sew.  As long as you sew, you will rip and sometimes it will be deliberate. After all, the torn edge has an elegance all its own.

Rule 4. Use your sense of touch. Touch is sometimes more sensible than sight or hearing.

Rule 5. Read the directions. If you don't read the directions, how will you ever innovate? Then follow your own internal directions.

Rule 6. Participate in a community of stitchers in some way, even if it is only to encourage other stitchers. And remember those who have encouraged you.

Rule 7. Enjoy the journey and process. It is far more valuable than the final piece because it nourishes real peace.

May your life be richly stitched.


  1. Many happy returns of the day Martha - I hope you had a lovely birthday.

  2. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Hope it is a good one for you. As for the rules, I just love #3...

  3. Happy Birthday, Martha...I LOVE the rules!

  4. happy Birthday Martha. I hope you buy yourself some fabulous fabric as a birthday treat.