Monday, August 6, 2012

Vogue 8813

Back bodice and skirt
That Tilton Dress is finished. I liked the muslin which sometimes means I'm bored and won't go on to finish the actual piece. But this time I did. And I like the result.

Great fabric (maybe from Gorgeous Fabrics), Fabulous directions. Fun piece.

The fabric is what I would call polished cotton, though it is not overly crisp. Don't know if it is visible in these pictures, but the designer's name - Oqust - appears throughout the print. I think this references Katherine Oqust from the 1970's.

It was a border print with no symmetry at all. You can see what happened when I tried to match the pattern in the center back skirt seam. You might think, well just turn one of those pieces upside down, but the positioning of the print on the fabric meant that it was not possible to mirror across the two back skirt pieces.
Bodice gathers

Anyway I like it unmatched. An opportunity for striped piping, always a favorite of mine. I used the striped cotton as a binding on the sleeves too. I added a little black sashiko to the edges of the pockets to mimic the trim and the overall geometry of the fabric.

Speaking of geometry, the pockets are a wonder of solid geometry. They were interesting to sew and are nice to use.

The skirt hem is quite straight across though when it is on, it appears as if the center panel is shorter. On purpose. More to like about this pattern.

Those Pockets
Initially I thought I might add some gathers in the back near the waist. Given the bold pattern on the fabric and the added piping, I decided against that. In a solid color, a few gathers across the back would be nice.

The front is pretty low, but with all the gathers it fills in nicely and I don't feel exposed. Good thing since there is little there to expose.

I really like the knit versions of this dress I've seen online, but I think one is enough for me. You should make it though, even if it is only to enjoy making those cool pockets.


  1. Oh, I just love this! Nicely done, ma'am!

  2. wow! I think this is so very fun and a great summer frock. I am so surprised at what happened with the fabric motif. I like the asymmetry, and the piping. Nice!

  3. Fabulous! I have this pattern and I am really looking forward to making it up. Looove the striped piping you added, a very cool touch :)

  4. LOVE your fabric choice! This turned out great - well done :)

  5. Brilliant! Now that is a true designer dress...

  6. This looks brilliant - love it

  7. Super garment! I bet you get lots of compliments when you are out and about. Love the striped piping!

  8. Super garment! I bet you get lots of compliments when you are out and about. Love the striped piping!

  9. LOVE your version! This is what I love about sewing, you have come up with something fabulous, the piping is wonderful, the fabric unexpected and works like a dream, and this is well designed and looks good on you. Inspiring, fun, functional and something that can be worn for everyday life. Has good written all over it...and the muslin version is like a blank canvas for something.....
    Marcy Tilton

  10. Beautiful dress Martha and a lot of patience. I will love to see it on you.
    Nancy Hernández

  11. I love that dress! The abstract fabric work out perfectly!

  12. Martha, what a beautiful rendition of Marcy's dress. The dress, style and color looks wonderful on you. I will be a frequent visitor to your wonderful blog.

  13. great dress - looks even cuter on you. Love how you manipulated this bold geometrical print into a rich brown dress in the back and a summer cool in the front with random squares and triangles throughout to tie it all in. The striped piping is so signature Martha and really completes the look. You chose wisely not to gather the back; it would feel forced and take away from the effortless feel it has now. Fun Pockets - Fun Fabric - Fun Designer. Thanks for Sharing!!