Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vogue 8834 SAM7

See how much fun this Katherine Tilton shirt is? It made me want to do my own Vogue-style photo shoot. More than a few of us sewers took notice of the new approach at Vogue patterns.

My version is basic. Other than a slight change in the buttons, I made no design mods. The pattern calls for 17 buttons to be used in 12 buttonholes on the front.


Closer reading showed that upper buttons are sewn to both sides of the fabric so that there are more buttoning options. I did that but later decided against it. Instead I put the 8 lower buttons on the right side and the 4 upper buttons on the wrong side. This still gives me a number of options for the collar.

The fabric is a wonderful soft cotton shirting of navy blue and white checks. It is so subtle in color, I think it will go with just about any color. And it is identical on both sides. 

I had a couple of very minor problems. The first issue was described in my previous post. Katherine Tilton was kind enough to respond to a query I sent her, confirming that Vogue omitted some instructions (between steps 18 and 19). 

The collar includes *dart pleats.* I had never even heard of this but it was simple enough. I do wish I had finished my thread tails on the right side, because these are located so that the wrong side shows, not the right side. Also I think it would have been better to put the edge-stitching on the wrong side for the same reason.

I hope to make this again. Before I attached the sleeves, I tried it on and I think it would be cute sleeveless. Also it would be wonderful in a fabric with two interesting sides. 

This is my seventh shirt in the Shirt-A-Month challenge over on Artisan's Square, so I'm a bit behind. I could make SAM8 next and be caught up. 

But I have been dreaming about the Marcy Tilton jacket (Vogue 8839) and today I found some fabric to try. So, on to the next project! Never mind that it is still summer here in the southeastern US.

Oh, and Vogue patterns is having a sale!


  1. Oh, this is quite nice looking! Your fabric choice is perfect. I'm not sure I want to wear all that collar, but with the drape of your fabric, it looks great.
    Tee hee on your fashion poses. But you forgot your six inch red stilettos!

  2. lol! Funny pic, Martha. That top looks great. I like the casual buttoned neckline and it's very cute in your checked navy shirting.

  3. Looks great on you, Martha. That first photo is priceless!

  4. Martha, this is really nice in the quiet shirting you used. While I like the screen printing on the model's shirt, it detracts from the overall design. Your shirt is super cool.

  5. Gosh I have totally overlooked this pattern as Margy says Love it.

  6. Fabulous top! Everything about it looks good :)

    And the only thing your pose is missing is the giant may have started a trend, you know.....

  7. The fabric you chose is great. So perfect for the pattern. Looks wonderful!

  8. oh Martha that is the funniest thing I have seen today!
    I agree with Jilly Be, you need a windowsill!

  9. and a VERY cute shirt. I had not noticed it until you sewed it up - and I really like it!

  10. OMG, you are so funny! Great shirt, though!

  11. Love your take on the Vogue photo shoots! Climbing the walls-how funny! Your shirt is terrific. Looks great on you.