Monday, October 1, 2012

Growing a 6PAC

Vogue 8546, brown pin-striped linen

5PAC: Vogue 8839 jacket in ponte knits, TSW Ann's Tank, TSW eDress, both in ponte knit, TSW mimosa pants and shell in cotton/lycra solid brown

6PAC: V8561 skirt in brown striped linen, TSW eDress, V8546 jacket in linen, TSW mimosa pants and shell in cotton/lycra solid Brown, Christine Jonson shell
In a previous post, I indicated that an evolving approach to the 6PAC would be best for me. It has grown two branches, each starting with TSW mimosa fitted pants and a matching shell in a solid brown cotton/lycra canvas fabric. The shell is a much modified version of Cynthia Guffey's simple princess lined dress.

After making the initial brown column, I made the Marcy Tilton jacket (V8839) in ponte knits. Then I was stuck. So I returned to the column and make a brown striped skirt from another Marcy Tilton pattern - 8561. So then I had two 3PACS and and I was stuck.

Finally I grew the gray and brown PAC to 5 pieces:

  • fitted brown pants
  • fitted brown shell
  • jacket in brown and gray ponte knits
  • eDress, also in brown and gray ponte knits
  • gray ponte knit shell
And the gray and white PAC grew to 6 pieces:
  • fitted brown pants
  • fitted brown shell
  • brown and white striped skirt
  • brown and white jacket
  • eDress in coordinating poly knit
  • shell in same coordinating poly knit
The final test is this - what just hangs in the closet and what is worn? I have a hunch it will be mostly the set with linen. I just love linen.


  1. I love all these pieces, and it is so interesting to see them as collections. Thanks for this post as I am easily distracted lately in my sewing. I am working on a black/gray/3rd color wardrobe but it still too warm for my plan...:-)

  2. Wow! Quite impressive to have worked out a 5Pac and a 6Pac! The linen pac is especially appealing.

  3. Love both 'Pacs'! Hopefully it will all get worn...

  4. So now you have a SWAP of sorts! I love your fabric combinations.

  5. Love your swap pieces. The colors are so perfect for so many combinations. What a success; give yourself a pat on the back for me.

  6. Well done! Almost a double 6-pack, with crossover potential. Like you say, the true test in any sewing endeavor is seeing what gets worn.