Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rainy Day Sewing

Next time I'll do this during the debate. It's best not to watch. That way I cannot clench my fists.

Too bad I can still grind my teeth and bite my lip.

Yet with such a lovely piece of wool, all is zen. It is a rich medium brown with a pretty texture. Waechter's in Ashevill NC calls the color tobacco.

I'm making a single layer coat from an OOP Vogue pattern - Vogue 8546 - one from the five easy pieces line. A 3/4 length jacket - raglan sleeves, hood, in seam pockets. Easy seams to hand  finish.

Hand sewing is a favorite activity when I travel and have a little down time. Tho I brought my featherweight, it's nice to have needle, thread and good fabric in my hands. Portable, soothing, contemplative.


  1. Such a lovely piece of fabric and a perfect pattern for a fall coat. Glad you are enjoying the process!

  2. Martha, I didn't even watch. Lovely fabric and what a beautiful tobacco color.