Friday, October 26, 2012

Take Me Anywhere (view A)

Here is my version of the latest pattern from Cutting Line Designs (CLD) - Take Me Anywhere (TMA).

Her patterns are such fun if you love reading accurate and thorough instructions along with appropriate and clear illustrations. Is there anything better?

I used to think so. I used to think that instructions were superfluous. No more. I'm a convert and like all converts, I can easily preach on the subject.

But I won't today.

So what do I love about this pattern?

  • Interesting double collar with equally interesting and almost foolproof instructions
  • Hem longer in back
  • CLD signature sleeve insertion
  • CLD signature hidden placket - also nearly foolproof
  • Hidden pocket
  • Styling that I feel good wearing
I used fabric that was gifted by a good friend when she purged her stash recently. She donated it to the guild via me. Wink.

The fabric was a sarong, mostly cotton. It seemed cotton when I  burned it, but I think I failed to burn a representative piece of it. It may contain a bit of something else - wool? rayon? In any case it was easy to sew and easy to press. Nothing melted.

I also used some remnants from other shirting cottons of the same weight - tiny navy blue check and a blue striped shirting. I also added some quasi-cuffs. 

Now that it's nearly complete, I getting a table cloth vibe. Perish the thought. I had such a great time constructing it. And I'm going to wear it.

still need buttons
bias strip at shoulder seam*

hidden pocket

Just realized that this is SAM7. Am I really that far behind???

*some matching issues due to size of sari and repeat in pattern.


  1. What a great shirt. I have the pattern but at the moment it's pretty far down the list. After seeing your's it might have to move closer to the top. I love the way you've used and matched the fabric. Very very nice.

  2. Looks perfect to me. Love the fabric.

  3. Nothing like a tablecloth. Looks terrific.

  4. I have never used any of these patterns, but I have to say all the shirts you have created are beautiful. I love this one.

  5. I am drooling over this one. Isn't it #8? I wish we lived close so I could pop over with my Butterick pattern and ask advice on fabric choice. YOu have been super productive lately.

  6. I love it when nothing melts.... :-)