Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Atlanta Sewing Expo 2013

Mary Ray
Wonderful times seeing old friends, meeting new. So much inspiration. But, perhaps the best part, was to see so many women who are elegant, smart, creative, and encouraging of one another.

I took so many wonderful classes:

Mary Ray returned to Expo to teach and I took everything from her that I could, starting with her take on garments made from quilt store fabrics. As with all her pieces, the samples for this class were wonderful, even elegant. And her teaching style is so conversational, yet brimming with ideas I want to go straight home to try.

And of course, Mary walks the talk, looking so healthy, so put-together, so chic. So totally Mary Ray.

Sandy Miller has become another favorite teacher. She has accompanied Louise Cutting for quite a while and has always modeled those patterns to good effect. In recent years, she has begun to teach and I find that I learn much from her too.

Sandy Miller
This year, I took a course concerning the use of a single pattern to achieve many different looks. You get to keep the signature Louise Cutting details, and add a clever twist that changes the look quite dramatically.

And, like Mary, she walks the talk and looks fabulous always.

And of course, there was shopping. Patterns, fabric, notions, and an embroidered, storied story block made by impoverished women in South Africa. My favorite vendors are Louise Cutting, Laura Murray, and Vogue Fabrics.

This year, Linda Lee returned with new classes. I took an interesting wardrobe class from her. Though I don't totally agree with her take on it (exclusive use of Sewing Workshop patterns, for example), it was food for thought.

As usual, I left the Expo wanting to sew, sew, sew!


  1. What fun you must have had. thanks for sharing.

  2. Nothing like a few days away to immerse ourselves in what we love! So glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. Aren't we lucky to have this show in Atlanta? And what fun seeing everyone there. Maybe someday we'll have a road trip to Puyallup!

  4. I am taking the Craftsy class that Mary Ray has, and I too love her style and creativity. Looking forward to finishing my jacket and hoping it looks almost as good as hers. Would be fun to meet her in person.....Anna

  5. Love your dress in the previous post. Yes, you ARE lucky to have the Expo and be able to go.