Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vogue 8876

Another clever dress pattern from Marcy Tilton.

Vogue 8876 has an interesting shape and an unusual collar, as well as several sleeve options. I like the in-seam pockets. I like this dress. A lot. Maybe almost as much as the one I made last summer.

This one is made from linen/rayon fabric that has some nice weight and drape. I decided against the (extra) cap sleeve that is shown with these 3/4 length sleeves. But otherwise, it is pretty-much view C in size 12 straight off the tissue.

The pattern is nicely fitted through the shoulders and the arms. There is a little tuck in at the waist.

Lots of nice hip room comes from little pleats in the front and one down center back. It's a novel take on princess seams, I think. The curves are different, flattering, curvy.

It all gives the impression that I have a shape.

Per usual, I did not have sufficient fabric. So...

  • had to piece the lower sleeves - but it looks like a little cuff, I think
  • faced the yoke and the lower bands with another fabric
  • also finished the sleeve edge with a contrasting bias binding, hidden inside.

It runs a little short, hitting me just above the knee cap. I'm 5 feet 5 inches to provide some perspective. I'll be wearing leggings with it. I've been looking for an excuse to wear leggings.

I think this would make a funky and totally cool LBD too. I sort-of wish I had done that this time, as I'm off to Charleston Fashion Week with DSD, who is modeling this year. This is a way-cool dress but quite casual in this fabric. I'll be able to wear it on Saturday morning when she models in the bridal show, but I'll be wearing my standard black silk pants, top and jacket Saturday night.

neckline variation

Another neckline variation

And yet another neckline variation
Anyway - who's looking at me? I'll be looking at all the fascinating fashions and making notes on ideas to incorporate into future projects. And taking pix to post here.


  1. Wowsers! Another dress already??? It looks great and I'm sure you look lovely in it.

  2. I love it. You can see the lines so much better in the solid than in the print on the pattern envelope. It looks amazing in green, a LBD is not nearly as much fun.

  3. What a fabulous colour, it looks so fresh.

  4. Great choice of colour! Love to see it on because it looks a bit sack like (which I am sure it isn't).

  5. Just beautiful! What a pretty color.

  6. I've been circling this dress and your knockout green has it back at the top of the queue...I wonder if it lends itself well to cheetah print.....

    1. prttynpnk - you will totally rock this dress. Yes, definitely cheetah print, with some black piping to accentuate the curved seams.

  7. Gorgeous fabric -- would love to see this on you!

  8. What caught my eye was the color, I guess it's the Irish in me:) And the little touch at the neckline with the drawstring, just love it!

  9. That's a way cute dress. Love the color. Have a great time!

  10. I didn't think I'd like this pattern, but your version is so pretty that I must get it at the next sale! As I mentioned on SG, I LOVE the color!

  11. I agree with Linda T, I don't usually like Marcy Tilton patterns but you have shown how beautiful they can look, thank you for showing new possibilities.

  12. Hi Martha, I am back in the US and catching up on blog reading. What a delightful dress...and I just recieved this pattern. I like your use of a vibrant green. Love MTs designs but she uses such dark colors in her samples. Your dress is so fresh and spring-like.