Sunday, March 31, 2013

White Pants

There are many reasons why I should not like - why I should not wear - white pants:

  • pear-shaped body
  • high-hip fluff
  • 10 grandchildren
  • mustard, tomato sauce, black tea
  • Hotlanta
So I made two pairs.

I just love white pants. They say *spring is here* to me. They say *summer will be warm but really not that hot* to me.

One pair is white linen interlined with rayon Bemberg ambiance. They are softly wrinkled in the way that only a good linen can wrinkle.

The other pair is made with unlined canvas - maybe a heavy pique with a slight lined texture - very sturdy stuff. Sort of like white jeans. Oh, I love white jeans too.

Anyway they are both washable.

Can you tell which is which? Hint: the canvas ones have vents. Both are my beautifully fitted Vogue 7881 (thanks, Pam!).

So how many pairs of white pants do you have?


  1. these look beautiful, especially with your stunning top

  2. I, too, love white pants, impractical as they may be...I even took a pair to Sicily last year. Put a Clorox Bleach Pen in your purse and you're good to go.. Your pants are is your purple top!

  3. Those white pants look fabulous on you! I'm glad you made them, even if they aren't the most practical. :) TEN grandkids?!?! Wow!!

  4. So if you like/want white pants; then you shall have white pants! They look so good!

  5. Those pants look fantastic, as do you wearing them! life ti too short to be practical all the time...

  6. Why else sew, except to have as many white pants as you wish? Yours look extra good!

  7. Nothing wrong with having lots and lots of white pants - and as for the rule book , well, we all know what to do with that, don't we?

  8. You look amazing in both pair ! I love white pants too, and after seeing yours, I think I need another pair. That's why we sew!

  9. White pants strike every cell in my body with the scent of fear. You are a brave, brave woman! Well, I say you're brave, but truth is, you look fantastic in both pairs!

  10. I'm with you - love white pants! Both of yours look wonderful, and what a beautiful top! Striking color.

  11. That's an outstanding outfit. You'll get wonderful comments on that one for sure!

  12. Terrific outfit and what beautiful hair!