Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Swing Set - the pants

In her latest pattern, Louise Cutting introduces a narrow leg pull-on pants pattern. There is also a cute jacket that I cannot wait to try. But today I made a trial pair of the pants with some slightly damaged wool/lycra fabric.

My eye has adjusted to the continuing trend of skinny pants. I cannot wear skinny, but with this pattern, narrow is quite OK. I rather like them.

I do hope I don't have a penguin silhouette. That's always the danger when the look is narrow and the hips are not.

I think the bit of lycra helps with this silhouette issue. Without it, I would probably need more width in the hips. Especially if I want to sit. And I do.

These are a little long in the stride, and also a little long for narrow pants. Luckily both issues are easily fixed by removing the elastic, trimming some from the top edge, and reapplying the elastic.

I like the AIM tunic too.
This one is made out of radiance- cotton, silk.

Atlanta's Expo starts day after tomorrow and SIL arrives tomorrow afternoon. So probably no more sewing for this week. Just tons of inspiration from Louise and others.


  1. Lookin' good Martha. Enjoy the expo and all your "Louise" time.

  2. I like the pants. It looks like they have a little slit at the hem. Enjoy the expo!

  3. Very nice looking pants. Have a blast at the expo!

  4. Nice looking outfit-both pieces. Have a great time at the Expo!

  5. Very nice! I don't know what "long in the stride" means exactly - are the pants just too long? Or is the crotch seam too low?

  6. It was great to see you yesterday. And thanks for the nice comments about my jackets.

  7. These pants bind at the knee when I walk, and I think that's the stride? I'm going to give them one more chance, and start with a larger size. Glad they have worked so well for you!

  8. Oh yes, the penguin look - one does have to be careful. I think these are fine though - they are more tapered, not peg leg. The top is also very flattering.