Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Sewing Project of the Year!

Hooray! I made something.

Actually I have been sewing quite a lot. Instead of making things, I've been repairing things. That can be very settling after a chaotic, yet fun, holiday season. I will post about that later.

My first fresh make is the Hudson top from The Sewing Workshop.

The Hudson top is a great place to use a large scale fabric design This is some black and white cotton Ikat purchased at my favorite local store, Gail K. With these simple lines, it was easy to match the large pattern. And the fabric proved to be wonderful to cut, sew and wear. French seams were a breeze.

The Hudson top was featured in a recent issue of Sew Confident, Linda Lee's online subscription newsletter. I hesitate to call it a newsletter because it is chocked full of detailed information, often concerning variations on The Sewing Workshop patterns. Beautifully illustrated it is such fun to receive each issue. This is my new sewing addiction.

The issue featuring the Hudson top focused on using tissue knits. I will try that later. But I noticed that one adjustment was to narrow the sleeves. I am very glad that I made that change. It is easier to roll the sleeves and push them up on my arms. Otherwise I made no changes to the pattern.

I really like it. With the cowl collar cut on the bias, it easily slips over my head. Both sides of the collar show so it is good that this Ikat is basically reversible.

And the shape is right too. It's one of those post-holidays times when I realize I've been indulging in way too many rich foods. And that is another addiction.

So, what are you sewing?


  1. You look so pretty in this top and with your stylish hairdo. I did not have luck with this pattern but after seeing your results, maybe I should give it another try. I also have started Sew Confident (2015).

  2. Great fabric and super top - you look so relaxed and comfortable in this top.

  3. This is really sharp! you look great with your new haircut as well :-)