Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peony Vest

It was first issued by The Sewing Workshop in an envelope with a second vest, the Poppy. I made both when they first came out. Only the Peony is still available from TSW, now as a download. It is such a nice basic pattern so that makes sense to me.

The Peony Vest is a sweet and simple canvas. There are a number of interesting and pretty versions in the Sewing Workshop online gallery. It is such a good layering piece.

It is composed of 3 primary pattern pieces - the back, the right front and the left front. I have made it twice now with two right fronts and an added collar. I like it very much.

The first was in denim and I am still adding stitch to it. The most recent one is made from a fabulous piece of black wool-cashmere, the same piece I used to make the Sydney jacket. I'm still glad I didn't sacrifice it to my near-disaster with that jacket.

This was so simple and so satisfying. I may decide to add some stitch to it later but I look forward to wearing it right away. It is so soft - perfect for this cold weather we're having.

The collar had to be pieced in order to use the ragged selvage as its edge. There is always room on a remnant to cut a pocket so I did, a patch pocket with a flap. So easy with fabric that does not ravel.

With the Sydney still fresh on my mind, I was not overly ambitious with this project. The process was very satisfying and I cannot wait to wear it.


  1. This vest is gorgeous! So elegant!

  2. Love this vest, and how you used the selvedge. Did you draft the collar pattern yourself? Could you perhaps share how you did that, and show the pattern piece?

    I am always inspired by your creations.

  3. This is my favourite kind of sewing - a bonus garment that is squeezed out of the main project. Restrictions bring out the best creative solutions, don't they? Love your bonus vest and glad you didn't have to sacrifice it!

  4. This is so "you" and very chic. I agree with Louisa that restrictions allow more creativity.

  5. What a chic coat and bonus vest, and great timing to wear these! I've made a couple of the Peony vests since the pattern was released (and a Poppy one too). It's a great basic. I like the way the collar adds warmth for the neck, and would also like to see a photo of the collar pattern piece you added.