Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New technology, foul mouth

My new toy is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. My question throughout the research process was this - what do I lose if I use a tablet instead of a computer. Of course, there are differences. My question now is this - are these differences more like losses? Time will tell.

On my PC I used MS picture manager to edit pictures for my blog. Nothing sophisticated - just cropping and re-sizing, mostly. Occasionally red-eye removal and rotation. My new tablet has a program called *Photos* with all the standard edits I know from picture manager. Whew!

But, wait! One is missing - re-sizing. That is important to me.

Expert guy at MS store confirmed that *Photos* software does NOT provide re-size functionality. And he suggested Gimp, a free software package. Just downloaded it. So far, I am not entertained. It looks like the proverbial hand-grenade used to kill a gnat.

But. I did finally figure out how to re-size in it. This post is an experimental one to see if this will work OK.

Oh, and Happy New Year to you!

First up, a few pictures of the final gifts made for 2015:

Wall quilt for DH:


OK, that did not work. No JPG extensions that I can find in GIMP.

So...I am asking you all - any suggestions for JPG image mods on a MS Surface Pro 4?


  1. Sorry, no answers for you, Martha. But I'm having a similar adjustment period with my new iPad Mini 4. Better than a computer in some ways and in others? Not so much. Best of luck on finding a solution!

  2. A trick I learned from a friend: email the pictures to yourself. you are asked which size you want to send the pictures. Even though I use picture manager this has often saved me a lot of time downsizing a lot of pictures at once. Save the attached pictures and you're done.

  3. Interesting! BTW, Photoscape is also free and lots easier to use than Gimp. Available for both Microsoft and Mac machines. Also has some nice editing features, like great cropping, skin clearing, and a full range of tools to filter a pic that has exposure and color cast issues. I've been using it for 3 years and love it.

  4. Sorry I can't help, BUT you have convinced me to keep my laptop. LOL You will figure it all out; I just know you will.

  5. I second Photoscape - it's easy and free.