Friday, March 25, 2016

Eileen Fisher Social and Environmental Inspiration

Recently I went to the mall with DDIL, something I do very rarely. While she was in the dressing room, I spotted an Eileen Fisher collection. What inspiration! Although I make almost all of my clothes, I am sorely tempted.

I love her minimalist approach. It is chic, comfortable, and just beautiful.

These knits feel soft yet durable. 

This jacket is made of silk. Details include sleeve vents and a deep vent in the back.

And it is not cheap fashion. 

This is a wonderful spring linen with great pocket details and a pretty shawl collar.

This rain coat is very light-weight and sophisticated, not at all ordinary rain gear.

Such a lovely collar

And Eileen Fisher is a maker with a social conscience: use of organic fibers, sustainable fibers, dyeing without hazardous chemicals, investments in local producer communities, tips on how best to maintain your clothing, and 20% of their clothing is made in the USA.

I have them beat on the percentage of my clothes made in the USA, of course, but I cannot say much about the rest. For the most part, my fabric is NOT carefully curated with respect to social and environmental impacts. In fact, except for the occasional purchase from Alabama Chanin and a few upcycled garments, I have no clue as to how to move in that direction.

Do you?

Alabama Chanin light-weight organic cotton jersey


  1. Martha, such eye seeing the price tags!

  2. I've had a Pinterest board of EF's styles for a while now--I envy you being able to actually touch! As a sewer aiming for this look, I'm trying to only buy coordinating solids--trickier than it sounds :-) Great post

  3. I know of one seller in US and that is Hellgate Fabrics.

  4. Thought provoking post. Thank you Martha.

  5. Martha, I'm right with you on the beauty and quality of EF garments. I started in 1998 carefully investing in a few pieces a year of hers and I always feel lovely when I wear them. Most of my handsewn Marcy and Katherine Tilton tops are worn with EF bottoms. Thanks for showcasing these high quality garments.

  6. And are you familiar with her Leadership Institute. I love what she's doing for high school young men and women.

  7. Martha, I love Eileen Fisher's clothing. And her fabrics are beautiful to touch and look at. I can usually spot her things anywhere. We have so few fabric choices up this way that I am guilty of not paying as much attention as I should.