Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fillmore Duster

About half way through making this, I was not happy. Now I am unsure why. I rather like it. Maybe a sugar dive.

Is it a vest? or a dress? or a duster? And just what is a duster? The Fillmore created by The Sewing Workshop (TSW) could be any of these. The sleeves are extended and not too deep, so it could be a spring dress, though I don't usually show that much skin. I'll take that under advisement.

It has interesting lines and was great fun to make.

Fabric: I purchased this Brussels washer from Waechter's right before they went out of business. As you may know, Brussels washer is a linen-rayon blend, with the best of each, IMO. I had buried this in the stash waiting for just the right pattern.

Cutting: Only the collar, center front panels, and front circular pieces could be cut from folded fabric. Every piece in the back is different, requiring single layer cutting. With just about 2.5 yards, I had to be careful cutting it out.

Sewing: It was pretty straight-forward though I had to double-check some of the markings to make sure I did not invert any of the pieces. The instructions were required reading.

I was surprised about the extended cap sleeves, even though it is clearly stated in the pattern description. When I tried it on before attaching the arm binding, I was worried. It was anything but flattering! Sewing the binding on made a huge difference - it increased the circumference and placed the edge at a more flattering spot.

And I love this collar:

Oh, and check out the pockets hidden behind the circular pieces on the fronts:

Of course, this would be very attractive with stripes and coordinating fabrics, as seen on TSW website, especially the back. In this solid color, the interesting design lines are lost.

As I was making it, I could not imagine making another but, after wearing it, I'm thinking it might be a good travel vest out of something that does not wrinkle. There are some handy places to hide pockets.

All in all, this is a winner, I think.


  1. Very nice, lovely shape too. I think thie style hasn't got much hanger appeal but on the body is surprisingly flattering and very easy to wear. You look great.

  2. I wasn't impressed at first. But looking at it on the body brings a different perspective. I like it very much on you! Would it shorten a bit? As a vest!

  3. Another winner, Martha! Love your styling and, yes, the collar is beautiful!

  4. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it posted on TSW website. Mine is almost done and I hope it comes out as good as yours. You look pretty fab in your fillmore duster!

  5. I like this very much, especially after seeing how lovely you look in it. It is reminicsent of Marcy's Cirque dress, but i like this one with the buttons. It's a keeper!

  6. Really like it and love the color. It really does look like a fun sew!

  7. Cute, cute, cute! You look fabulous in this. I ordered the pattern, even though I was going back and forth on whether I liked it based on the photos on the SW website. You have definitely convinced me to give a try!

  8. Really like it. Looks nice and comfy. Nice collar detail.

  9. Thanks so much for sewing this up. I had considered buying the pattern but did like how the back looked on the pattern package ...I much prefer it in solids as you have used and Brussels washer looks like the perfect I will consider making it!

  10. That has a lot of POW! Great color, intriguing shape, wonderful execution!

  11. Your red duster looks great. Is a duster really a nice name for an overall, I.e. something to keep the dust off? If so I don't think that is what is meant by it now! Thanks for explaining what Brussels Washer is. I have wondered this before, but not got round to finding out. The fabric looks wonderful, and in red, stunning! I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of this one, to cheer up the grey days. đŸ™‚Trish