Thursday, April 6, 2017

(Trying to) Go With the Flow

My travel sewing kit, doubles as a pin cushion, contains all the essentials. If in a tight space, I place the thread in the sewing kit, and thread the end through to the outside. This keeps me from chasing a spool down on an airplane!

Twenty-four hours ago, I was scrambling to get things together to leave for a terrific trip to Iceland, followed by several days in Paris, and then a sweet visit to my son and his family in New England. I had all my hand-sewing ready to go.

Today, after a long day in the airport, I am at home, letting go of my expectations and returning to life-as-normal.

A little weather (can you hear the hail in the video?) and a too-tight schedule caused our best-laid-plans to unravel. And guess what? It's OK. Sure, we lost some money. And our luggage has not surfaced. And it contains my only clean underwear. But in the end, we have more than we deserve and there will be another trip, another time(*).

needle case made for me by BSF

So for now, I'll be stitching along. I have a pair of pants to fit!

* I was not so cheerful 12 hours ago!


  1. Well, it is normal to be exasperated and disappointed, but you have done well to pivot to feeling grateful for what you have. Great job! Your needle case is very cool. I need to make one of those. I am looking forward to your review of the Fit for Art pants! I am not familiar with that product. I toast your sangfroid and hope your luggage surfaces soon!

  2. Wow, impressive job of regaining a positive frame of mind! Good for you!

    That is my favorite pants pattern. I combined it with Sara Veblen's pants fitting class from Pattern Review, and got a really decent pants pattern that I always use now.

  3. I commend your calm in the face of a spoiled holiday. I hope that you have left by now and are salvaging something of your trip. I love your little sewing kit.