Sunday, April 2, 2017

New old quilts

From time to time, a previous make needs repairs or just changes. I consider that great fun.

About 36 inches x 45 inches

According to my label, I made this quilt - *Many Moons* - a decade ago. It was a long-term project for travel. I cut out 3 inch circles from freezer paper and ironed it on cotton batik. Then I basted the batik fabric around the perimeter of the paper circle. Lastly I hand-appliqued it to 4 inch square backgrounds of varying batiks. It was very portable. For the large motif I appliqued varying sizes of circles together. After piecing it together, I quilted it with the machine, stitching in the ditch. I finished it with batik bias binding.

It mostly hangs on the wall, being too small to use for warmth. Recently I took it down and washed it. Afterwards I realized that it needed more quilting. What a fine opportunity for hand work! You can see in the picture above that I used sashiko stitching to stitch about 1/4 inch inside the circles. Some are not yet stitched. I really like the hand-stitch look, and of course, it is relaxing to stitch this way.

A couple of days ago, my granddaughter wanted to sew something, anything.  So we made a tiny quilt, really just a quilt block. We stacked created the three layers by stacking a solid piece on either side of the nine patch. Then we turned it inside out, and (I) hand-stitched it together. I added just a bit of hand-quilting after granddaughter lost interest.

I'm always the last one to give up on a coloring project too.


  1. Lovely! I'm in awe that you look forward to hand stitching. But no wonder, since your work shows your skill. Thanks for showing us this quilt. ...... And thanks for the time you take with your blog. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Lovely quilts. I'm inspired by your hand stitching and am incorporating more into my own sewing. Thanks for sharing.