Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Zayn Top

Or is it the Zany top? That's the expressed preference for spell-checker. I'm not sure how to assess it just yet, so maybe Zany is good.

Patterns from the Sewing Workshop are always fun to use. They are carefully drafted and the illustrated instructions are spot-on. This one has an interesting Y seam that forms the left hand side drape. It had me scratching my head initially, but a careful reading led to good results.

Before the-trip-that-was-not, I had cut it out. I used pieces from recycled men's shirts, creating a color-blocked version. This is essentially a muslin/toile. The color blocking is helpful in a muslin, I think. It highlights the architecture of an unusual piece like this one.

I made three changes. The pattern calls for a key-hole opening in the back seam. I created a front opening instead. I also lengthened the sleeves about 2 inches. Lastly I added a pocket just because the men's shirt had one that I had previously harvested.

I had my doubts about this one from the get-go. It's not a bad pattern or even a bad look. But I don't think it's a good look on me. It seems a bit young. Or maybe it's the asymmetry. I often like asymmetry but I feel lop-sided this time.

I am still assessing it. I *think* I might like it better if I added the drape to both sides. The fit is great through the shoulders and bust line so I am tempted to make it again.

I hope to see other versions of this shirt on the Internet. I see that there are new versions on the Sewing Workshop website and I love the rust orange that Linda Lee is modeling. It's fun to see different ways to interpret a pattern.

So what is your take on the Zayn shirt?

I am growing to love the Memphis dress, another new Sewing Workshop pattern. I wore it for the first time over the weekend. I felt wonderful in it.

Memphis Dress

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  1. I had a good look at all the Zayn tops on The Sewing Workshop's website. With the exception of one top, they are not colour blocked. The fabrics look softer and drapier than yours too. It looks as though the neckline is a bit high on you – the top seems to be pulling towards the back. Do you need a forward shoulder adjustment? Despite those things I think it looks good on you.
    Maybe the neckline is just cut too high – Linda Lee is wearing a scarf. It looks great but is she hiding something?
    I like your idea of putting the drape on both sides.
    The Memphis dress looks really wonderful.