Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Blouse Perfected - the muslin version

Just finished stitching together the body of the view A of TBP. Terri K is right. There is a lot of ease. I cut a size S but could have easily gone with a smaller size through the chest/bust. The ease through the hips is just right in size S.

Now I need to ponder whether or not to try a size XS through the upper portion, then slash-and-spread for the lower ease. I have a lovely Liberty cotton that might work just right with this, even with a lot of ease through the upper portion. The armscye is quite a low, similar to a man's shirt. So a certain amount of ease is to be expected in this shirt style. But I must ponder a while before putting scissors to the Liberty...

Now back to the Coco jacket - still more thread tracing to do!

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