Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Blouse Perfected

Hooray! The newest pattern from Cutting Line Designs, The Blouse Perfected (TBP), arrived in today's mail. I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival since joining the Shirt-A-Month (SAM) group at Artisan's Square and since taking Pam Howard's Classic Shirts class a few weeks ago. TBP looks to include every detail for a truly classic shirt design:

collar with collar band
slightly dropped shoulder
one front pocket
front placket
tower placket on sleeve
curved hem

I cannot wait to start a muslin for this.

One point of confusion though - I see that finished measurements (thank you, Louise, for including these!) show bust larger than hips for every size. I wonder - is this typical for classic shirts? I'll have to be careful with this since my body shape is the opposite.


  1. Martha look forward to seeing the finished item - FYI I am like you pear shaped :-(

  2. Even when I was younger & had a more ....shall we say, 'balanced' curves, my bust was not larger than my hips!

    Look forward to seeing your rendition of the blouse :)

  3. Martha and all I just finished view C of this blouse in size small and it has beaucoup ease in the bust and especially in the hip with that front pleat that just overlaps. Suggest measuring your pattern pieces and see how they compare to your body before deciding on the size for that view.