Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Shirt and a Cardigan

Not loving it
Goes with everything
One step forward, one step back.

Just finished a third Liberty from the Sewing Workshop. I believe I have it out of my system for now.

I used the clever double collar from TSW Zen shirt for this Liberty. I messed it up a bit, but I'm not going to dwell on it. I count this as a success:
  • The double collar was fun to make.
  • The soft 100% cotton shirting was a dream to sew.
  • The fit through the shoulders is just right.
  • It skims over my hips.
  • I've already worn it several times. 
Then, buoyed by this success, I made a blooper. Not ready to toss it out yet, but it's getting close.

Zen collar

Liberty Shirt

Vogue 8839, a Marcy Tilton cardi, came out a few seasons ago, maybe two years now. It looks so darned cute on the model. Why not on me?

This is my second version of V8839. My first one was made with gray ponte for some pieces, brown ponte for other pieces. It was a fun project but did not end up being a favorite to wear. And the sleeves were a little tight.

This second one is made out a very nice polar fleece from Marcy Tilton. It seems to have plenty of stretch but it's too tight in the sleeves. Again. Not comfy over the above Liberty shirt or anything else, except a Tee.

There are still some things to try before I totally give up on it. But it sure zaps the sewing mojo.

You can tell that it is a great pieces of fabric

Might shorten it. Might try to make it a vest. Wah!
Fun fact: The Marcy Tilton design includes the very same clever double collar as TSW Zen shirt.


  1. That Liberty looks so pretty! the double collar - fabulous! Sorry about the red jacket. I'm banking you'll figure something out to save that wonderful red. Hope so!

  2. Love, love The Liberty! Great job, great look!

  3. Wow, it's a shame that the red jacket is tight in the arms as it is a gorgeous color and it looks great over that zebra striped T.

  4. That double collar on the shirt is divine! So bummed for you about the red cardi though, especially as it looks lovely on the mannequin!

  5. I love your Liberty, Martha. And that is a great collar treatment. It's too bad about the jacket - I love that red fleece. It doesn't look bad in the pics, but I know how that can be.

  6. Martha, I've borrowed your combination of Zen collars with the Liberty shirt for a project of mine. What a great idea! And the shirting looks wonderful too! I hope you enjoy wearing it because it looks so nice on you.

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