Monday, January 20, 2014

Cardi to Vest

(or Vogue 8839 to Vogue 8982)

Last week I made up Vogue 8839 in a gorgeous red-orange polar fleece. It was pretty on the model, and great on my dress form. And it was soft. And I love the color. But I did not like it on me, partially because it was too tight in the sleeves. But there was also the frump factor.

It needed to be reconstituted, resurrected. But of course, each time the fabric is cut, its potential shrinks. I cut it apart and spread it on the floor like a bear rug to see if that generated inspiration. Hmmm...nothing.

Then Marcy's newest jacket/vest/top pattern arrived in the mail - Vogue 8982. I understand it is sold out over at clubbmv and that it is the #2 best seller there*.

Well, no wonder! This is a truly fabulous pattern. And it is really 4-5 patterns, IMO. View A/B are the knit jacket versions. View B has a smart vent in the sleeve and some suggested hand-stitching. Otherwise they are the same. View D and E are the woven versions (jacket plus undershirt).

Just finished View A/B as a vest, so without sleeves. Now you might think, hey, that's really view C. But view C has different pattern pieces in order to allow it to layer under the jacket as a top. I just love that. Cannot wait to make a jacket and top combo.
You can see that it is nicely shaped here in this pic of the back

My extra vertical lines are visible here.

This is how I will wear it though without houseshoes.

Not too bad from the back.

It closes but I won't be putting closures on this.

The cardi conversion was not without its hiccups. And I was very lucky to have enough left over fleece to cut out the vest back and front facings. The vest fronts and the vest side backs were cut from the spread eagle cardi. And I have enough left over to make more mittens for the grands.

As a result my vest has additional vertical lines in the front, but I kind of like that. I did have to release the vertical bust dart. It was bunching up where my vertical lines intersected the dart. That was a bit of a nail-biter as the stitches, even at 3.0, sink into this fleece and are hard to rip.

The arm holes were simply turned at 5/8 inch and top-stitched.

This is a wonderful pattern, a canvas for artful touches, and a flattering style, I think. The neckline is one that frames the face and draws attention up. Lovely. Ready for some sashiko, perhaps.

I'm so happy, as you can see here:
Vogue 8975 appearing in Jungle January! ( Petty Grievances)

*Marcy's dress is number 1. And I love that too, as mentioned in my previous post. So have you ordered these two wonderful patterns yet? If not, I really think you must.


  1. Oh, very cute, Martha! That vest is a great save!

  2. Oh, I do like the vest much better! I just picked up that pattern yesterday at Hancocks at their $3.99 sale. Who knows when I'll ever get to it!?!

  3. I loved the color of the jacket and was so sorry that it didn't work out, but what a great save!

  4. What a fabulous transformation. That pattern is on my list.

  5. Congrats on the resurrection. And for being the first person I've seen to make this pattern. It's been calling me.

  6. Great save! Have both patterns and am eager to make them, thanks!

  7. Thank you for saving me Martha! I had just pulled a lovely pink wool jersey from the stash to make the 8839. I sat looking at the pattern again and again yesterday thinking that perhaps I didn't like it as much as I did when it first came out. In fact, I thought, when, oh when? will 8982 arrive in the post??? You've confirmed my 'change of mind'.
    Love the color of your fabric! I need those bright colors in January. Congratulations on your save!

  8. What a wonderful save! This fabric looks much better in the vest you ended up with. I think this pattern could be extremely versatile and could easily span all seasons of the year. Would love to see what you would do with sashiko on this one!

  9. Love it. Damn you though, now I have another pattern to buy. 8-D