Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Did I really make that?

I hesitate to blog about this. It's ready for the big top. Just need those floppy huge yellow shoes. This extended cold spell we're having is messing with my color sense. It does not make my heart sing.

But I did make it and I did wear it.And I kept my eyes firmly closed while wearing.

The top is Cutting Line Design's Anything But Ordinary top. Not enough green in the stash for a complete top. The fabrics are cotton knits - the green is a jersey; the pink is interlock. Seriously did I buy this stuff?!

The pants are my favorite PJ pants pattern from Folkwear's Japanese field clothing. These are called monpei. Friend Hellenne who is half Japanese says they are Japanese sweat pants. 4 rectangles = pants!

Triangles are cut from two of the rectangles. These become the pants back. The triangles are rotated up the inseam to create a kind-of crotch curve. Ingenious, right?

That triangular manipulation creates some drag on the pants, making them rather funky, I think. They twist inward just slightly. And they are cropped. Perfect PJ pants. So comfy.


  1. Oh I LOVE the colors and hope they don't keep you awake at night! :)

  2. Please. I live in Montans. I totally understand that sudden desire for vibrant color in the midst of the dead of winter cold and gray. This is beautiful, living, vibrant color that you should revel in wearing. Enjoy! Gorgeous!

    1. Hmmm. I believe I meant to say Montana. Darn pad!

  3. I would SO wear those as jammies!!

  4. Love your new pj's. I would wear them and love them.

    I do understand you about the colour. I have several pieces of fabric archived that I wonder what on earth I was thinking when I bought them, I think sometimes they sneak in when you are not looking.

  5. Those couldn't be cuter!!! I LOVE the colors together!!!!