Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vogue 8982 details

ElleC asked about the buttons I used in my previous post about Vogue 8982. Born and raised in Texas, I love some western touches like these old nickel buttons. I guess some really are/were made from old nickels. Mine have either the Native American profile on the face, or the bison. But they are smooth on the back so clearly not real nickels. Here is a picture I found of real nickel buttons. I'm thinking these must be rare finds. Aren't they lovely?
I did not have a set, so I used one buffalo, one native American, and one that contains a kind-of native American mandala on it. I put a spare buffalo on the back neckline. My close-ups are not good. Sorry.
Today I am working on a solid black undershirt for this jacket. I am piping the edges there too. It may be too much but I don't have to wear these items together. 

This little ruler is a big help when I insert piping. I cut the fabric - here silk tafeta - along the bias, 2 inches wide, stitch the rat tail into a groove using a grooved foot on my machine. Then I use the ruler to trim to 5/8 or 1/4. It has a slot on each side - one for each SA. Pretty slick, huh?

The last two days have been great for staying inside and looking outside here in the southeastern US.
It was still coming down here. Now it's a blanket of white. Lovely if you are not stuck in it.


  1. I have some of those buttons and also some "dime" buttons. These were perfect for your new top.

  2. Well, Texas girls are we. I have some of those buttons too ;) Love the addition of the gingham piping.