Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3415-25th Street

3415-25th Street
cotton muslin painted with crayon
This one is a bit of an ugly duckling but it was a fun project. Pink is not always my first choice for an art pieces. Yet I've grown fond of it, as it has progressed.

The process started with a lesson on using crayons with fabric. Such fun. As can be seen here, crayons produce a pastel effect. Blending is possible. Then ironing with something absorbent and disposable makes the color permanent.

In the next step, I stitched a black outline. That really made the design pop.

Because I am an  India Flint fan, I have a few jars of eco-dyeing in-process. I wondered how the crayon dye would react to an eco-dye with red onion skins. It floated in pink preserves for a couple of weeks.

The dyeing toned it down a bit, but also added some dark shadows. And there is no un-dyeing.

Next I hand-stitched like crazy, added a few beads and finished it off.

For now, I'm trying to complete little experimental projects, even though I have no plan for them. It's good to honor it with completion. And I'm a bit fond of it.


  1. I don't think it's an ugly duckling! It's artistic and sounds like something fun to do!

  2. Oh you should be proud of this. What this makes me think of is a folk art exhibit I say at the Milwaukee Museum of Art a few years ago. I was so inspired. This is folk art at its best.

  3. I love the colors and the stitching. Are those just regular Crayons? The kind we had as kids?

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    2. Thanks so much. Yes, we used plain old crayons.