Friday, February 28, 2014

A Simple Skirt

DGD1 just designed and helped me sew this sweet little skirt. It was so easy to make. And it is so cute on her. I'm almost tempted to make one for me. Almost.

It is a pencil skirt, or we used to say, a straight skirt. It contains inverted kick pleats on each side. And the waistband is elastic. Her hips are small and so the elastic does not gather it much.

The fabrics are an unexpected combination, at least to me. But I think she nailed it.

It is composed of 4 rectangles - one each for the front and the back (mostly pink and white), then 8 inch wide rectangles for the kick pleats(mostly gray and pink).

We sewed the four rectangles together in a cylinder - front, pleat, back, pleat. Then we sewed the fronts to the backs, enclosing the pleats down to about 8 inches above the raw hem edge.

Then we inserted elastic and she tried it on. Still no hem. She won't take it off.

I like the T shirt with it. Also unexpected for me. Guess she's much more tuned into these things.


  1. Yep, she nailed it! So cute - DGD and the skirt!

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