Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flying without a net

While visiting son in New England I of course must sew. So I brought my sweet 222K featherweight in my carry on. What a joy it is to use.

I also brought some ITY knit selected by GD a while ago when we shopped Sawyer Brook fabrics together. 

We sketched and discussed options. She decided on a tunic to wear with skinny jeans. 

Using a Tee she likes I traced off a front and a back, stitched the shoulders and partial side seams, thinking we would tweak the fit - length, neckline, armscye, and so on. 

She slipped it on and determined it to be finished. And she does look adorable, in my completely unbiased opinion. 

While she's at school, I may sneak in some finished edges. It is hard for me to walk away from a raw edge...

When GD's BFF, guess what happened? The two of them designed a tennis dress for me to make for the BFF. Hmmm... 

Then BFF says "but you don't have to do it..." Well that settled it for me. One tennis dress coming up. 

Similar process but the girls had already sketched out their design. I must say I had my doubts about this design - sewing without a pattern is flying without a net. Like flying, it can be exhilarating. 

The fabric is light weight ponte Roma so easy to sew. 

The girls suggested adding a white band to the bottom but I'm inclined to just hem and call it done. What do you think?

Such fun to sew for little girls!


  1. Lovely story and cute dresses!

  2. Oh, you are the best! I likevthe idea of thecwhite band at the bottom of the dress.

  3. Both are cute! I also like the idea they have of a white band at the bottom.

  4. Yes, both dresses are adorable!

  5. See what Granny can do when given a challenge? both look perfect to me!