Monday, January 9, 2012

Muslin Mania

Since the new year, I have focused primarily on muslins, with one from 2011 still in progress. Am I ever ready for something real now. I did make the lovely Ann's Cardigan from The Sewing Workshop, and that was very satisfying. Now I'm ready for more stuff to wear.

Muslins included...

V 8369 - 1 more shoulder tweak needed
Nikko muslin
V8483 - maybe later

  • Ralph Rucci Vogue Pattern #1215: This one only needs a shorter hem. It will be saved for Pam Howard's class in early February. 
  • TSW Nikko jacket - good thing I made a muslin. I don't like the way it looks on me right now. Maybe I'll come back to it someday.
  • Vogue 8483 - also a reject for now. The collar will stand away from my neck and makes me look like a turtle.
  • Claire Shaeffer Coco-style jacket Vogue 8369 - ongoing from 2011*
  • Cutting Line Designs ACA Jacket - I made this once but it is too large across the shoulders. The muslin is size S instead of size M. That appears to work much better. I can easily add for my hips in that area. Louise had generously given me instructions on how to modify the larger one, and I may do that, but for now, I'm glad to know I should be starting with a Small in the shoulder area.
 *ASG Atlanta neighborhood group, City-wide Couture, has a group working on a Coco jacket under the direction of Gail. I started my muslin in November at a guild retreat and got some tweaking advice. Since then the muslin has been through two fittings with Gail. It is almost ready to transition from lowly muslin to working toile. I just need to tweak one of the shoulders a bit and bring up the neckline so I can wear without a blouse.


  1. You are the 'Muslin Queen' of the sewing world at the moment!!!How lucky are you to have these to refer to for the fit - will lead to great garments when you are ready to whip them up...

  2. You are really smart to muslin! I do't do that often enough. You will have some beautifully fitting and flattering garments.