Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Vogue Patterns

I've been checking out all the posts of fave patterns in the new Vogue line-up. It's always fun to see what my favorite bloggers chose as their favorites. This one seems to be a bit of a sleeper. It may be the color, but I find it interesting.

I even like the line drawings. And I have no idea why. It's not edgey or Asian or asymmetric (unless you count the little slit in the skirt). Maybe it just looks easy to wear. I would make the skirt longer.

I also really like the Katherine Tilton t-shirt. Now that one is a little something different. But it's not the pattern that is different - it's her cheerful use of various fabrics. The Tilton sisters have such a happy approach to sewing.

1 comment:

  1. Martha, I agree. I love seeing what others like. And my favorite is also the Katharine Tilton tee. Partly because of the fabulous color blocking and partly because of the fabulous neckline. I broke down and ordered that one. :)

    The orange one you highlight would be a horror on me. But I can imagine it would be great on a lot of people, such as you. But not on the apple shaped uber busty wonder that is Shams. ;)