Saturday, July 23, 2016

Alabama Chanin in Kansas

After the 3 day workshop, Sew Kansas, Linda Lee offered a class on Alabama Chanin. The project was a scarf although some people opted to upgrade to a t-shirt, the eTee. I decided to go with the scarf. Here is mine:

Because we were working with stenciled fat eighths from Alabama Chanin, we used negative reverse applique.  Reverse applique requires two complete layers. Negative reverse applique involves cutting away the background of the top layer and so is perfect for using these small stenciled pieces on a larger piece, in this case, a scarf. 

Yep, I'm hooked. My birthday is coming up. Maybe I need to buy a kit from Alabama Chanin. I loved that the stenciling part was complete. The sewing part is what I love.

The following are samples from the Sewing Workshop, not my work:


  1. FABULOUS! I love Alabama Chanin. Have you ever seen this Russian Designer's work- embroidery, couching, and beading, oh my!

    1. Barbara, thanks for the link. Her work is indeed quite scrumptious.

  2. This looks like fun--been toying with the idea of doing some AC work,but can't seem to find the time.......yet.

  3. Just catching up on blog reading and have so enjoyed your Sew J
    Kansas retreat posts. I have the "old" San Diego pattern and will be curious about the changes in the new version.

  4. Martha, I was in the Alabama Chanin workshop day with you. It was such a great exposure of the AC techniques. I really enjoyed it and am currently working on a t-shirt. Glad to find your blog. I'm glad someone in class mentioned it. Happy stitching! I'm hoping to attend Sew Kansas in the fall if a space opens up.