Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sewing at 75 MPH

July is a month full of travel. And heart-break, evidently.

I am a passenger, not a driver. What is driving us all?

Lord, have mercy.

This piece is small but can grow organically thanks to Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, and her combination of instruction and inspiration, especially here.

Despite the speed at which I am being propelled from one location to the next, I am engaged in slow sewing. Maybe not my best work, but still satisfying. And the light is fantastic.

I keep wanting to hand-quilt a larger quilt but traditional techniques have failed to sustain me. Just too much to manage, once the top, batting, and back are all pinned or otherwise basted together. I feel like I'm drowning.

I tried omitting the batting. After all I live in the southeast US and so a light quilt would be useful. It was still unwieldy and I did not like the way the layers worked (did not work) together.

So, thanks, Jude. This approach fits my needs just fine, as I am always working from the edges.

It will remain light weight with mostly 2 layers, and it will have two right sides.

Or two wrong sides.

Hoping and making.


  1. Keep sewing dear Martha, and a with every stitch add some peace to this planet. :-)

  2. Hi there love your blog and your sewing, love the scrap quilt, my favourite quilt style also love your red shorts just wondering whether you made them? if so could you share the pattern, hope your quilt comes together, its lovely and happy sewing, Lyn, Brisbane Australia

    1. Thanks. The red shorts are made from the Sewing Workshop's urban pants.

    2. Thanks Martha happy sewing, enjoy your blog, Lyn