Monday, July 25, 2016

The Village Bag

I am still on a pattern binge with The Sewing Workshop (TSW). The Village Bag is a pattern that I think I received free last year while attending Sew Kansas. Linda included a goodie bag for each of us with several unexpected items.

I came home from the workshop, dutifully cut the pattern tissue apart and put it aside. So here I am a year later pulling this pattern out to try. Small wonder I have managed to lose the pattern piece for the handles.

This fabric has a small story. It is heavy cotton canvas, a traditional ticking weave. I purchased it my first day at Sew Kansas 2016 thinking to make a pair of Valencia pants, a sort of wearable muslin. I took it to my brother's house and laundered it,  supposing it would soften up. It did not.

If anything it became more crisp, more stable. This was lucky as I would have been very disappointed in my project. Luckily I also picked up a remnant of gray cross-weave linen at the same time and laundered it. That lovely fabric became my Valencia pants. And they are great. I will post a photo soon.

One zippered pocket on the outside.
As for the ticking - it makes a great bag - a very durable bag, I'm hoping. How could I have ever considered this for pants? When it is nearly 100 F outside?! Just proves that I should be careful to avoid becoming too cocky about my sewing skills. There's always time for a blooper.

Pleated pocket on the other side
It made up nicely as the Village Bag, I think.

I did not have magnets handy and so used Velcro to close the bag.
I moved the interior pockets to the outside. I think I'll enjoy them on the outside more than on the inside.

I had to experiment with the handles since I had lost the pattern piece. The final handles are about 22 inches long. I cut two 4 inch wide strips of red Kona cotton and folded it in half length wise. I pressed this crease, opened it up and pressed both long raw edges to the center fold. After a good steam press, I top-stitched it in place about 1/8" from each edge. This made a nice sturdy pair of handles.

I was over this pattern before I finished the bag so I got in a hurry. I made some slight changes in the construction. I did not box the bottom corners. And I inserted the straps before completing the bag. The instructions are to complete the bag and then sandwich the raw ends of the handles in the upper corners, top-stitching in place. These do make sweet tucks, but I am good with this bag.

Fun quick project. I like making the occasional bag. This is more of a tote, as I prefer a small handbag.

The Sewing Workshop binge continues. I have a new Peony vest cut out.

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  1. You have been busy, busy! I like this bag, but I am with you, I like to carry a small handbag. Do you ever make your handbags? If so, do you have a favorite pattern? I can't wait to see your Peony vest!