Friday, July 29, 2016

Peony in Progress

This is maybe my fourth version of the Sewing Workshop's Peony vest. Evidently I made a linen one when it first came out but I can find no evidence of that. Next I made it in a faux shearling that I purchased from the now-defunct Waechter's Fabrics in Asheville NC. It was fun to make but I never wore it. More recently I made one in denim and began to add sead-stitching to it. This one I enjoy wearing.

The Peony vest is one of my favorite patterns. It has good bones.

This one is from linen. The back is lined with a remnant of silk-cotton radiance. The front is lined with a cotton print designed by Marcia Derse. I love, love, love her designs. It looks like silk to me.

It is now finally ready for some hand-stitch. Finally.

It should have been an easy make. It has 3 pieces really - the back, the left front, and the right front. So I began to make mistakes right away. I do not think I have ever unsewed such a simple garment so many times.

And let me just give a shout-out to BSF Ginny who tried hard to preach the merits of understitching by hand at a recent meeting of City-Wide Couture. I was glad I did that. It would have been much more challenging to unsew machine stitched understitching. Yes, I got that far before making the final blooper.

Of course, the big reason to hand-sew the understitching is that you gain control over the shaping and there is no unintended shaping. Oh, and it's pretty.

Now I will enjoy much hand-stitched embellishment. It is fun just to think about the possibilities.

So what is simmering in your sewing world?


  1. Martha, where can one find Martha's fabrics? I'm very willing to order online. We only have JoAnns and a few quilt shops here.

    1. Hi, Kat, it is frustrating to have so few options, isn't it? I bought the cotton lining online. See the link to Marcia Derse above. I also bought the radiance lining online - can't remember where but you can google radiance fabric. And the linen is from Linda Lee at the Sewing Workshop. I also trust Marcy Tilton's online fabric. Good luck.

  2. The hand picked understitching is pretty! What is simmering in my world? I am making a sheath dress for a dinner out next week.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I look forward to seeing your sheath. Guess what? I cannot wear a sheath - too straight up and down! I look forward to seeing yours though.