Friday, July 22, 2016

Sew Kansas 2016 Part II

Day 2 of this year's Sew Kansas involved some actual sewing on my part.

My Valencia pants are clearly too long. More tweaking needed. I'm wearing it with a Zona sample from TSW collection. It has been lengthened and sewn in several different denims. I really like the styling on the Zona and would not have thought about lengthening it into a jacket. 
It is interesting to see how different people manage the time. Some people sew constantly. One friend made 3 pairs of pants, 2 tops and then she cut out a jacket. I like to wander some, make notes, take pictures, and sew a little.

My approach generated one pair of Valencia pants and a lot of inspiration/information. The fabric is a cross-dyed gray linen. It's that signature flat front found in the Plaza, Urban and Trio pants. The Valencia is the most basic of those four pants patterns. Not much to show for 3 days, eh?

I'm back home and I still need to tweak the length a bit.

But I had fun trying things on and taking pictures to extend the inspiration/information plunge once home.

This is an example of something that was fun to try on. This is a sample of the Tosca dress. It does not do much for me. Good to know.

One of my favorite activities at Sew Kansas is exploration of their basement. They store *vintage* Sewing Workshop garments here.

There are an assortment of details in these older garments that are always appealing to me.

Inventor Shirt

Joplin Pullover

San Diego jacket

Mix It shirt as a vest
And here is a gorgeous version of the Tremont jacket by Karen Tornow. The chunks of color on the front panel, sleeves and elsewhere are a single layer of fabric. All fabrics are boiled wool. This means there is no need to finish the edges, reducing bulk. These colors are full of cheer.

Please note that except for the boring gray pants in the first picture, these are samples from the Sewing Workshop, NOT my work. But I can dream.


  1. Lucky you! Very inspirational--I think I would be totally overwhelmed by all that inspiration! Thx for the great post

  2. Thanks for photos of "vintage" garments. I'd love to see them all in a book, online or hard copy.

  3. I would be a wandering note-taker too! So much to look at--

  4. Oh, how fun to explore the archives! I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven to see that!

  5. OH! I want to go there sometime!!!

  6. SO COOL!!! I've actually visited the Alabama Chanin''s about an hour and a half or so from my house. Jaw dropping gorgeous stuff and I'm determined to give it a try...someday. :-) Love the look through the archives; SW has some gorgeous garments in their history.

  7. Oh, Lisa, you are so close! I would be going there and watching for some kind of discount. So, so tempting!