Friday, July 1, 2016

Pattern and Rhythm

Summer is a great time to take classes and workshops. Stay inside and do what you love with like-minded people.

My latest was a brief - too brief! - workshop with Molly Elkind. The topic was Pattern and Rhythm, and is part of a series. Fortunately SEFAA allowed for a-la-carte registration. Otherwise I would have had to miss this great experience.

The time was chocked full of informative and fun stuff. Great lecture involving much interaction with students, followed by directed exercises. As a life-long academic, this was just my cup of tea.

The emphasis was on experimentation and not producing great art. There is nothing more inhibiting than try to PRODUCE GREAT ART!

Soon after the workshop, I spotted one of Molly's own artistic exercises. Check it out here. Lovely, poignant, moving.

This was seriously fun stuff.

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  1. Martha, thanks so much for this! I really enjoy these classes too, since I learn from you and the other students as well. Looking forward to our next two sessions at SEFAA.