Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Kimono 1.0

This is completed kimono muslin, version 1.0, in preparation for Camp Sew N Sew 2010. It comes after trying out a *free* kimono pattern that wasn't a success. Unless it was intended for a person with a very large neck and torso, it needed lots of re-work. The nearly finished kimono simply fell off my dress form and looked even worse on me. It needed more work than simply drafting my own.

So I drafted one from a kimono I purchased a few years back. I believe that it is a *real* silk kimono, complete with lining and no wasted fabric. The kids at Camp Sew N Sew will not be lining their kimono and I want to limit the yardage needed and to simplify, so I have made a number of changes. I'll post the complete instructions from my notes soon.

The sleeves do not have the cool pocket found in most kimono. That is, the sleeves are simple rectangles. I did include the side seam insert but may eliminate it in version 2.0 of Oh Kimono. I also left an opening under the arm, which is usually charming, authentic and practical here in Hot-lanta. But the transition from sleeve to side seam, without lining may be a bit tricky, so that opening may be eliminated too. It's so clean and beautiful with lining, as can be seen below. But we are not doing lining at camp, definitely.

Next I'll make a more-or-less wearable kimono. What fabric? I have some rayon batik I purchased from at a warehouse sale a while back. But I need to decide what kind of fabric will be most practical for the kids at camp. Silk is out of the question for a sewing camp. Quilt cotton is easily available and fairly cheap at the big box stores, but rayon is so much prettier with the drape it provides. Maybe I'll check the big box stores to see if they have reasonably priced rayon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Updating Hannah's plain dress

Needed to scoop out the neckline on this pattern as it was too tight on Hannah. Then decided to add some appliqued flower petals. I like the result. Hope Hannah does too.

Messenger Bag muslin

Working on a messenger bag for Camp Sew N Sew which is coming up fast. Some of it didn't match up - maybe I measured incorrectly. I was going too fast - mostly to test it for ease-of-use. Entirely possible I measured incorrectly. Must check that. Fun - and free - pattern! Need to post a link to that site with all the fun free patterns. Probably need to avoid fabric like this that would look better if I had made an effort to match the stripes (!) and maybe determine an easier way to insert the zipper. But it's a pretty cool pattern. Hope it appeals to the kids.