SAM1 - TSW Hibiscus
Robyn (blue mooney) of Artisan's Square started this challenge thread at the beginning of 2012. I do love a challenge. Turns out, one of the challenges is counting. Counting really, really slooooooow.

First up was Vogue 1215, a Chado Ralph Rucci design. I started it in January, finished it as part of Pam Howard's shirt class in February. So it's really shirt number 2.

SAM2 - V1215
SAM3 - V8746

In the middle of making V1215, I made the Hibiscus from The Sewing Workshop (TSW). It was such fun to make and I love wearing it. The fabric is organic cotton, yarn dyed, so soft.

Next up was Vogue 8746, nearly a wadder. I was so focused on making the shoulders fit that I forgot to measure the sleeve girth. They were too tight - a first for me. I had to insert a bias gusset to keep that one out of the bin.
SAM4 - TSW Icon Shirt

After Vogue 8746, I made the Icon Shirt. I guess after so many neutrals, I just lost my perspective. This one is made of both navy and white stripes, and red and white stripes, both cotton sateen. Way, way out of my comfort zone.

SAM7 - Vogue 8834
Then I guess I made SAM5. I mean, I made it. I just lost count. It's my favorite of all. Not without its challenges, I am wearing all the time now that I fixed all my goofs. It is based on The Blouse Perfected (TBP) from Cutting Line Designs (CLD). I say *based on* because I made so many goofs, it is somewhat dissimilar from that pattern now.

SAM6 is TSW Zen with cuff modifications. The fabric is some expensive-to-me Liberty of London cotton.

SAM7 is Vogue 8834, a Katherine Tilton design. It was such fun to sew and I think I'll enjoy wearing it.

Oh, and then there are the shirts made for the grandboys - two from the same Ottobre pattern. I've got to find pix of those.

I thought this one was SAM7 but it's really SAM8. It is made from a mostly-cotton sari and some shirting remnants. From Cutting Line Designs, it is view A of Take Me Anywhere. Such a fun project with the clever hidden pocket.

February 2013:

Artist In Motion Top
Shirts continue to be on of my favorite pieces. So I've decided to continue this not-quite-a-shirt-a-month (SAM). Here is my first one for the year, SAM9. It is constructed using yet another Cutting Line Design pattern - Artist In Motion. I love this pattern - simple, elegant, versatile. This one is made with a Japanese cotton/linen piece. Sashiko in black pearl cotton has been stitched on top of the machine top-stitching.

SAM10 is yet another version of the Artist In Motion, this one even more simple. It is made from off white radiance - a blend of silk and cotton.

April 2016: just finished a small man's shirt for seven-year-old grandson. Such a fun make, using much help from Louise Cutting's The Blouse Perfected. The straight clean lines and little details that characterize a classic man's shirt are great fun to make. I messed up the plackets but I don't think it is noticeable. I love the print used for the cuff facing and the outer collar band. I also messed up the join at the hem of the front/back and so added a little square of it there. Just great fun. Details are here.


  1. Wonderful shirts, all of them. Your productivity astounds!

  2. I love your SAM 9 (Artist in Motion). The placement of the black "dots" is awesome. Thanks for sharing.