Monday, September 30, 2019

September Makes

September is gone tomorrow and I do not know where it went.

I see that I have not blogged for a month. One of the main purposes of this blog, for me, is to help me remember how I have spent my creative time. So here is what was made this month:

While I finished the sewing on this 24x30 inch piece last month, I finally mounted it on a canvas in September. And then I submitted it to a local juried show. Fingers crossed. 

The piece is inspired by doing many things I thought I was too old to do during a pilgrimage to Belize in June. The title is *Finally* based on this from the late, great Mary Oliver:

Finally I saw
that worrying had come to nothing,
and gave it up, and took my old body
and went out into the morning
and Sang.

Also this month, I completed two pieces commissioned by my priest at St. Patrick's. Each heart has a signature on it. The goal was to ask parishioners to commit to making efforts on behalf of justice during an 8 week period. Hearts were signed.

The smaller frontal is in the chapel where the 8 AM service takes place. All hearts were fused to the surface, after signatures were collected.

The fabric is cotton sateen from local wonderful fabric store, Gail K. 

I was ever so glad to complete this. Working large is not my forte. The larger one for the nave is about 90 inches by 90 inches, way out of my comfort zone. 

One of the grandson's stuffed animals needed a little repair, so that was also done with love.

He was sooooo brave.
As I pulled garments from my closet for #seweverydayseptember on Instagram, I realized that I needed to fill a few holes. So the following are the only garments I completed.

This is the MixIt top from the Sewing Workshop. I have lost count of how many times I've made it. I finally made a forward-shoulder adjustment to the pattern tissue and now love it even more. 

I used a facing to finish it, rather than the tiny facing included in the pattern. This facing can be turned to the right side or the wrong side. I think of it as a design feature.

The fabric is a dreamy Brooks Brother's cotton shirting, also purchased at Gail K. It was wonderful to sew and is comfortable to wear. I will wear a lot, until I stain it somehow.

I made this MixIt tank from a ponte remnant to go with this jacket. I made the jacket years ago and keep intending to wear it. I think I'll wear it this season, for sure!

I feel like I was pretty unproductive this month. So it's good to make some simple items that meet an actual need I have. This jacket also looks OK with the second MixIt tank I made in September.

I made the gray one from Alabama Chanin organic cotton. It too was pretty easy to sew, although it likes to curl just a little. I made it to go with this jacket:

The jacket is one I love but, like the brown Coco jacket above, I never know what to wear under it. Pulling it out, I realized that I could actually wear it as a top.

The fabric is so gorgeous, I think - a beefy piece of Japanese cotton from Louise Cutting. The jacket is based on the Now and Zen pattern from the Sewing Workshop. It was expensive, so of course, I had too little fabric to make a complete jacket. The accent fabric is a cotton-linen blend from a quilting store. I think the result is better with the accent fabric than it would have been on its own. Now, if only the high temps would please, please drop out of the 90's, I might wear a jacket!

During September I also developed a minor interest in paper making. I've had fun with my wooden deckle. It's easy and fun when you need a little creative pick-me-up.

The imprint from a Japanese maple leaf is my favorite part, I think, and I do love all the textures that are possible.

My granddaughter thinks it's quite fun too, so that makes it a winner!

September leaves me wanting to make something more challenging.

I'm preparing the pattern pieces for my first Brando jacket, a relatively new pattern from the Sewing Workshop. I plan to make it from this medium weight cotton print from deep stash. And I have another deep-stash piece, solid blue-green ponte that needs to become a swing tee dress to go with it.

I hope you're sewing something that brings you joy!