Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Pima Prairie Dress

Now this is fun sewing!

This white pima cotton from Discover Sewing is the same as the pink pima cotton used for the first prairie dress. Both pieces were delicious to sew. I learned today when visiting Discover Sewing for a new piece for DGD3 that this Pima is called a pique though it's so much softer, finer than any pique I've ever used. Evidently it is called pique because it has a subtle tone-on-tone striped texture to it. It definitely has a right and wrong side, as I learned :|

Although I'm beginning to be bored with the pattern, I made a second Prairie dress to be used as a nightie for DGD2. Here it is modeled after a gown she saw for her American Girl doll, Felicity. So, of course, Felicity needed her own version. I omitted the Peter Pan collar on this one, but kept the collar stand to which I attached cotton eyelet. Again to try to approximately simulate the AG version, I omitted the cuffs using instead elastic. I also attached the cotton eyelet to the sleeve hems.
The doll's version is just a little peasant blouse extended to become a gown. I used a bias binding to enclose the gathers on the neckline, as well as the gathered sleeve hems. I attached the cotton eyelet to the hem. It buttons in the back. I hope the buttons are easy enough to use that DGD2 will not have to ask for help every time she wants to use it!

I was so excited to finish Felicity's (AG version) last night that I wrapped it and put it under the tree without taking a picture. I hope DGD2 will allow me to take a picture of her and her doll in their nighties! I am attaching some pictures of the one for DGD2.

I love, love, love this soft behaved fabric. I need a white shirt. Hmmmm....

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