Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sashiko - crisis companion

inside front by hem
 Having passed from the dark side to the light side of a family crisis, I think it's OK to post about this. Stepson was critically ill (stroke plus heart surgery), but now he is home and recovering. His recovery is amazing and a delight to all who know and love him. He and his lovely wife are managing it all so beautifully.

We all spent a lot of time in the hospital waiting room this past week. And I was out of state with no sewing machine to complete my days. As luck would have it, I was still working on a sashiko project which I grabbed as we ran out of the house.

What a wonderful way to expend my excess nervous energy. No only were we all worried about my stepson, but such a crisis brings together an odd grouping of family. So I had excess emotional energy too.

Sashiko is truly zen.

what everyone else was doing


  1. What a relief with the good news on your stepson! Sashiko sounds like the perfect activity to zen out with in such a situation, and your results are delightful :). Did you take a class, or self-taught? Learning a bit about it is on my to-do list....

  2. Martha, glad to know things are now going well. Hope they continue! All the best, Fran

  3. Martha, your Sashiko Jacket turned out beautiful! I hope you continue to make many, many more kimono style jackets -- Sashiko or not. I'm glad to hear your stepson is on the mend. Your "zen" energy must have helped keep others calm in the waiting room.