Monday, July 30, 2012

That Tilton Dress

There are about nine reviews already on Pattern Review for Vogue 8813. Everyone seems to love it. It is a vintage sort of dress without being at all stuffy, and certainly not fitted. Definitely has a little hippie-beatnik-lagenlook about it.

My muslin is a happy little piece. Almost makes me want to add some more ink and make the muslin into That Tilton Dress. But such a piece is way over the top for me. Maybe.

Still trying to decide what fabric to use. Drapey hand-dyed rayon? Soft washed linen? Cotton with just a little crisp to it. I like that the pockets stand away from the body on the muslin, so no to the drapey rayon.

Maybe I should go shopping.

But. I've been trying to rein in my sewing expenditures to save up for a yet-to-be-determined sewing-related adventure. So it's best to shop the stash.

There is that light-weight burnt orange cotton corduroy. Nice jumper for fall and winter maybe. A long-sleeved shirt or T under it. Brown leggings too.

Hmmm....still dreaming. No hurry here. Just letting it perk.

Maybe I'll make a shirt instead now.


  1. That Tilton Dress - good name for it! I like the way your pockets are standing away too! Hmmm.....a crisper fabric for Fall. Hmmmmm...... And I definitely think you could add a little ink to that & make it a non-muslin! Subtle, sweet additions...I can totally see it. :)

    And thank you for the reminder to shop stash. I've been avoiding checking into the 35% off sale at fabricmart, and the EOS abundance that some folks are raving about....

    Stash. I have a good stash. :)

  2. Martha, that dress is great on you. I am resisting because I just can't imagine the gathering on the bust, but it sure looks nice on others!

  3. I actually like it in the pale colour - looks really nice

  4. Martha, sweet little dress on you! I am thinking the exact same thoughts...what fabric to use. I have auditioned 3 different fabrics and cannot commit. I have a 60s flower power print, a 70s rayon botanical print, and a 70s tablecloth with elephants etc. I know.. quite the lineup.

  5. Diane Keaton was photographed wearing a dress like this in black dots (see link) . I liked the look except she needs to lose the Annie Hall bowler hat. I think some of the drapy dotted fabric that Marcy sells might be interesting but if I used them I would fold out the tissue on the front piece to eliminate the shirring and shirr up the pockets using a casing and elastic as Marcy did on one.

  6. That muslin looks awfully nice as-is! You really must make this dress.