Friday, April 5, 2013

Three Little Skirts

It's always a pleasure to make gifts, especially for little girls. Unfortunately, I temporarily forgot how nice it is to sew something simple. Take this skirt, for example. 

DGD1 selected these charming marbled cottons in Easter egg colors. And I added this black and white batik. And I added tucks, then pleats, then slot seams. zipper, waistband, binding on the hem...

Yep, way overworked.

Next day, I was sewing with DGD2 who had selected fabric, sewn many seams, and was content to watch me finish her skirt. She selected the additional lace. So sweet.

So I made another skirt for DGD1. I needed a little reminder I really love simple. 
Really I do.
And it's so cheerful.


  1. Not only are they cheerful, they are super cute!!

  2. Lucky daughters! Three very stylish and cheerful skirts ... J

  3. Soo cute and spring-eeee! This is what memories are made of. I remember the special things my grandmother sewed for me and even where I wore them!

  4. You'll be a hit with the grandchildren! Those are all super cute little skirts. And a gift of love.

  5. Really cute! I'm glad to know that little girls still wear skirts!